(Please note - Twine is a bit hit and miss on mobile, a desktop browser is recommended)

c ya laterrrr is a hypertext game based on a real experience. In May 2017 my younger brother was one of the 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. 

This game expresses some of the experience, along with exploring some of the what-ifs of choices I ultimately didn't make. All identifying information is removed, there are no names or locations specified anywhere. There are many choices within this game, and one of the many possible pathways does reflect my actual experience. This isn't marked or confirmed anywhere, and all pathways ultimately lead to the same endpoint. 

More contextual information on the background can be found in the game itself. 

This game is the first part of an ongoing series of exploratory works dealing with my experiences both during and in the aftermath of the attack. I'm funding this through a Patreon, which can be found here. Supporters of any level gain full access to prototypes, notes, thoughts, and everything else. The games will always be released for free online, although they can be optionally paid for if anyone wishes to support that way.

Although there is a warning in-game, it's worth repeating here: this piece of work documents a real experience. It contains a number of graphic sections and describes experiences and issues that may be distressing. If you're unsure about these themes and issues, consider this a clear trigger warning. It was not easy to write, and depending on who you are it will not be easy to read.  


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