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Beutiful. Just beutiful. and thx for opening up and sharing your experiences. Also read about this by the Wireframe mag

Thank you for making this and publishing it online. This kind of openness about death means a lot to me.

What are the controls? 

arrow keys, and Z/X as action buttons. Sorry it's not super clear, the original format was for an arcade cabinet, uploading it to play online was almost an afterthought...

Touching game. A must play.

is this loss?


almost found it...

i'm sorry for your loss, man. (random stranger like me)

Wow, this is awesome...

This game was incredibly immersive, and everything from the graphics to the integrated minigames contributed to that. Thank you for making it. 

this was a very nice game. i loved it a lot

Wow this is awesome, good game and great concept, it was a beatifull way to express your fellings, forwarding to friends

I can tell you have a ton of skill at programming and that this was a labor of love. Keep it up and stay strong! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with the world.

"Although these games are abstracted and simplistic, it goes without saying that they still do explore some challenging themes, and if you're unsure about this content then proceed with caution."  its written in description. this video is for those who enjoy watching than playing itself.

At first, I thought this would be a game about a joke that has transcended the internet.

But this... This is more than a game. This is real pain, expressed though eight bits.

I am blown away, thank you.

Thank you for making this game, it felt like an extra message to watch children playing this game at Now Play This

I played it unintentionally to this music: 

and it gave me a feeling of coming to rest with oneself and the song kitschely ended in synch with the game. Thanks for sharing your story.

It is a quick game made with a hard theme. At times it is even too "fun" for the hard stuff it tells about.

I don't think I like it for the gameplay it has, but mostly for the communication it provides.